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Bishops Nympton Primary School Ethos and Aims



At Bishops Nympton Primary School we aim to provide an excellent education for all of our children. We have the highest expectations and aim to achieve the highest standards. Bishops Nympton School aims to develop confident young people. We strive to provide excellent learning opportunities and place a high value on a wide range of educational experiences.


We are committed to helping each child to reach their full potential and we value success and achievement. We aim to provide an exciting and enabling learning environment for our children. The school promotes its close family atmosphere and it works hard to help children to feel safe and cared for as part of its community. Bishops Nympton School strives to provide a broad, balanced and vibrant curriculum which will meet the individual needs of our children, give enriching experiences and also engender a pride and satisfaction in their own achievements.


We aim to extend the children's knowledge and awareness of themselves and the world in which they live; to provide the opportunity to develop new concepts and skills in order to become numerate and literate to help them face with confidence the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

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