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Amazing Vehicles

The children in class 1 have been learning about amazing vehicles. We focused on boats in the water, tractors on the land, and trains on tracks. The children have enjoyed:

-learning about different types of boats, trains and tractors.

-exploring the differences and similarities between boats, tractors and trains through history.

-discovering where boats, trains and tractors might be used (land and sea).

-discovering what boats, tractors and trains do and what they carry.

-designing and making boats, and then sinking them.

-catching and hooking fish in the water.

-physical activities of walking the plank, pulling up the mast and rowing a boat.

-building boats, tractors and trains through our large and small construction and then playing with them through small world and role play.

-pretending to be farmers. The children loved role-playing the farmer by carrying and moving loads, planting and growing fruit and vegetables; and then selling fruit and vegetables in the farm shop role play.

-singing vehicle songs and action rhymes.

-printing marks with wheels, and making tracks through various mediums.

-drawing controlled lines and circles for our vehicles through write dance.

-saying and writing stem sentences about boats, trains and tractors through what we had learnt.

-tractor visit, and virtual boat and train visits.

and so many other things too!!

We will be learning about helicopters, aeroplanes and space rockets as we discover vehicles in the sky the next few weeks.


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