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World Nursery Rhyme Week 14-18.11.2022

Class 1 took in the World Nursery Rhyme Week between 14-18.11.2022. Each day, we sang a different song and learnt actions for the song.

Monday 14th November: The Big Ship Sails

Tuesday 15th November: 12345 (Once I Caught A Fish Alive)

Wednesday 16th November: Five Little Speckled Frogs

Thursday 17th November: B.I.N.G.O

Friday 18th November: Twinkle Twinkle

We also took part in various continuous provision activities too involving lots of different rhymes we already knew.

On Friday 18th November, parents and carers were invited to join class 1 in a nursery rhyme workshop. We:

- sang nursery rhyme songs using actions

- took part in nursery rhyme activities

- made nursery rhyme craft linked to the songs we had learnt and linked to our Little Readers too.

- talked about the importance of nursery rhymes for early reading and as part of our phase 1 phonics for nursery.


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